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©_2002_Authorized and_paid_for_by_the Committee_to_Elect Vivian_Houghton Attorney_General, 800_N_West_St., Wilmington_DE_19801

Vivian Houghton

Green Party Candidate
for Attorney General

A candidate who isn't afraid 
to straighten out the justice system

People First in the First State
It's about Time!

Too many big companies and powerful politicians think that the word "justice" means "just us" as if they are the only ones who count.  
We must change this.

Houghton Attorney General Campaign

Green Party of Delaware

800 West St., Wilmington DE 19801 ... Phone (302) 239-2572
E-Mail: agcandidate@vivianhoughton.com
Website: http://vivianhoughton.com/vivian



A Letter from Vivian Houghton to You
"Delaware needs a People First criminal justice system."

Dear Friend,

An Attorney General should make sure the law works for all people, not just the well-off and powerful. 

The state is expanding its prisons, yet the authorities let most corporate crimes go unpunished; meanwhile, those same authorities fill our huge prison system with mostly petty criminals from low-income backgrounds.  The law should be applied equally, to the well-off as well as the poor.  

Delaware needs an Attorney General who isn't afraid to apply the law to all people equally.  Why, for instance, should residents of Wilmington's east side have to suffer health problems stemming from the high concentration of toxic waste sites in their community, or why should Sussex residents have to watch their waterways ruined, when the companies that cause these problems go unchecked?

My campaign for Attorney General is about fighting such injustices.  This race isn't about me alone; it's about Delaware's frustrated and disenfranchised saying, "We want a fairer criminal justice system.  And we want it now."  

I would love to have your help in this campaign.  So, if you are an independent-spirited person who would like to see the powers that be held accountable for what they do, then please give me your support by:

  • Volunteering some time to work on the campaign.
  • Making a financial contribution if at all possible.
  • Voting for me on Nov. 5.

To volunteer, phone Frieda Berryhill at 994-1342.

To make a contribution, make out a check to Committee to Elect Vivian Houghton and mail it to: 800 West St., Wilmington DE 19801.

Thank you,


[Vivian Houghton]



A campaign that isn't afraid to state its principles clearly

A lot of politicians don't talk straight.  They'll say anything to get our votes.  They tell the working man or woman one thing and the CEO another.  For such politicians, getting elected is more important than getting at the truth.  People's needs don't interest them, only power does.  

Most people are fed up with this kind of behavior.  That's why we need an Attorney General candidate who isn't afraid to state clearly what she believes in.  You might not agree with the Houghton campaign on all issues, but this you can take to the bank: the Green Party's Vivian Houghton isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes. 

Here are some of Houghton's positions on issues.  

1. Support people who are illegally denied mental health treatment or general health care.  Make sure no one is denied on the basis of age, economic status or race.  Prosecute insurance companies if necessary.  

2. Investigate the legality of the type of "community profiling: that places a majority of landfills, incinerators and pollution sources in low-income communities.  

3. Investigate why Delaware companies ranging from General Chemical to Motiva have repeatedly broken state environmental laws while receiving ineffective penalties.  

4. Advocate the state's right to cancel a corporation's charter if the firm endangers residents or the environment.  

5. Support revoking the death penalty, the end of mandatory sentencing, and more racial diversity in police departments.  

6. Champion the principle that people doing the same or similar work should receive equal pay, regardless of color, gender or sexual preference.  



Who ...is Vivian Houghton?

A brief biographical sketch

Vivian was born in Wilmington's Hedgeville area in 1942.  She attended Hedwig School and Padua Academy.  
After high school Vivian got married and had her only child, a daughter Lucia.  
Vivian worked her way through college by holding a series of waitressing jobs.  She graduated from the University of Delaware in 1976 and from the Delaware Law School at Widener College in 1979.  She has run her own Wilmington law practice since the early 1980s.
Growing up in Hedgeville, and then living the life of a single mother, Vivian learned how to struggle against the odds.  Drawing on this strength, she became a grassroots activist who fought for people's rights.  
An early believer in women's rights, Vivian led NOW's state-wide fight against the cancellation of Delaware's ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and for Pay Equity for women.  
Before breaking with the Democratic Party in the early 1990s, Vivian managed ten successful Democratic Party campaigns for public office.  
In the 1980s and 1990s, Vivian combined her feminist interest in issues like reproductive rights with other issues of concern to her: the plight of working and low-income people, racial inequality and industrial pollution.
In 2001 Delaware Today named Vivian one of the state's top lawyers.  



Why People Support Vivian Houghton

"She's the only candidate who makes any sense when talking about how to use the law to help workers fight job losses.  I'm voting for her."

James Richardson, General Motors worker, Wilmington DE

"What I like about Vivian Houghton is how she connects different issues--the legal system, the environment, the economy, questions of fairness, and so on.  As a lawyer, she's certainly qualified to be Attorney General, but what makes her the best candidate isn't just that she's a lawyer.  It's that she has a vision of justice that includes everyone."

Cynthia L. Carrol, Esquire, Newark DE

"Vivian Houghton knows what she's doing.  She has principles and she sticks to them.  As an early feminist who later expanded her vision to include racial, economic and environmental concerns, no other Attorney General candidate is better qualified to apply the law fairly to all constituencies."  

Kristofor Okita, New Castle DE

"Vivian has lived in Delaware her whole life.  She grew up in an immigrant section of Wilmington's Hedgeville, the oldest of six kids, the other five of whom she helped to raise while her parents worked.  Vivian is a down-to-earth person who isn't afraid to stick her neck out for the little guy.  Plus, she's a Delawarean who knows the state inside and out.  She has my vote."

Linda Malone, owner of Thistle & Thimble, Habeson DE

"Don't wait.  There ain't no free bus ride to justice.  If we want it, we have to fight for it on our own."

Civil rights activist, 1950s



Things You Can Do to Help

  • Phone (302) 994-1342 to volunteer
  • Phone (302) 239-2572 for more information
  • Send a financial contribution to the address below
  • Vote for Vivian Houghton on Nov. 5, 2002


The scales of justice in Delaware--


[graphic of uneven scales]


who are they titled FOR
and who are they tilted AGAINST?

Vote for a candidate who isn't afraid 
to straighten out the justice system.

Committee to Elect Vivian Houghton
800 West St.
Wilmington DE 19801
Phone: (302) 239-2572
E-mail: agcandidate@vivianhoughton.com
Website: http://vivianhoughton.com/vivian