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Committee to Elect 
Vivian Houghton Attorney General

The News Journal, Oct. 6, 2002

Nader endorses Houghton for attorney general
2000 presidential candidate speaks out on corporations, pollution

Staff reporter


Attorney General candidate Vivian Houghton was endorsed by 2000 presidential candidate and consumer-rights advocate Ralph Nader in Newark on Saturday. 

About 250 people at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark on Willa Road heard Nader's hour-long speech. 

Nader and Houghton are both members of the Green Party. He said he hopes Houghton would become the first Green state attorney general in United States history. 

Nader said that Delaware's lengthy list of polluters and large out-of-state companies that incorporate here make Houghton's candidacy particularly important. 

"Delaware is known as the 'corporate Reno' of America," he said. "This is going to be an interesting challenge for Attorney General Houghton." 

Houghton is running against Republican incumbent M. Jane Brady and Democratic challenger Carl Schnee, former U.S. Attorney for Delaware, in the Nov. 5 election. 

Houghton introduced Nader at a fund-raiser in Wilmington two years ago during his failed presidential bid. She said she was proud to receive his support Saturday. 

"Tonight's endorsement meant a great deal to me and I'm proud to have received it," she said. "Because, God knows, we're fighting injustice in Delaware." 

Nader said Delaware's next top prosecutor would be known as "King Kong" among the nation's 50 attorney generals because the state has so many national and global corporations here in a time of "an American corporate crime wave." 

"The biggest corporations in the world charter in one of the smallest states," he said. 

Nader challenged each member of the audience to get 100 of their friends to vote for Houghton next month. 

He said Houghton would work to combat corporate criminals and polluters and represent the everyday person, which he said would strike a major blow to the power structure in Delaware. 

"General Motors could buy Delaware in a weekend if DuPont was willing to sell it," he said. 

Nader's stop to stump for Houghton was part of an East Coast swing for Green Party candidates. He also was in Trenton, N.J., and Philadelphia on Saturday. 

Nader is the second 2000 presidential candidate to make an endorsement in the state's attorney general race. Former Vice President Al Gore endorsed Schnee in Wilmington last month. 

Houghton, 59, a former Democratic Party activist, announced her Green Party campaign for attorney general in a three-county tour in April. 

She has won the endorsement of Delaware's United Auto Workers. The union represents roughly 7,000 autoworkers, according to union officials. 

The former public defender and legal-aid attorney said she intends to be more than a spoiler in the election, as Nader was for Gore in the 2000 presidential race. 

"We intend to win," she said.

Reach Adam Taylor at 324-2787 or ataylor@delawareonline.com.

[web note: The News Journal article included a picture of Ralph Nader and Vivian Houghton.]